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Quality assurance

At MegaMETA, we prioritize quality in every aspect of incoming goods. Our commitment to delivering exceptional products is evident through our rigorous quality inspection procedures. We employ a range of cutting-edge tools and techniques to ensure that our products meet and exceed the highest quality standards. Here are some of the key tools and services we utilize for quality inspection:

Thread Gauges:
Thread gauges play a critical role in measuring the pitch diameter, thread profile, and other parameters of threaded objects.
By using thread gauges, we ensure that our products meet specific thread standards and tolerances, ensuring proper fit and function.

Thread gauge

Callipers (Internal and External):
Our quality inspection process incorporates both internal and external callipers for precise dimensional measurements.
Internal callipers enable us to measure the internal dimensions of objects, such as hole diameters, while external callipers measure external dimensions grooves.

Micrometers and Three Point Micrometers:
Micrometers are highly precise measuring instruments used to determine small distances or dimensions with exceptional accuracy.
Three point micrometers, also known as bore micrometers, are designed specifically for measuring the internal diameter of cylindrical objects, such as holes or bores.


Video Measuring Machine (VMM) + Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM):
Our advanced quality inspection includes the use of Video Measuring Machines and Coordinate Measuring Machines.
VMM utilizes optical and video technology for non-contact measurements, while CMM probes various surface points to measure physical geometrical characteristics.

Video Measuring CMM

Roughness Measuring:
Surface roughness is a critical factor in assessing the quality of a product's finish.
To ensure the highest quality, we utilize instruments such as profilometers and surface roughness testers to evaluate and quantify surface texture and irregularities.

Surface Roughness measuring

Hardness Measuring:
Our quality inspection process includes hardness measuring techniques to assess the resistance of materials to indentation or deformation.
Through methods such as Rockwell, Vickers, or Brinell testing, we ensure that our materials meet the required hardness specifications.

Hardness measuring

Paint Thickness Measuring:
Maintaining proper paint thickness is essential for aesthetics and functionality.
Our quality inspection process includes measuring the paint thickness to ensure compliance with desired specifications.

In addition to our comprehensive in-house capabilities, we also offer spectroanalysis as an outsourced service. Spectroanalysis is a powerful analytical technique used to determine the elemental composition and quality of materials. This service allows us to thoroughly analyze and verify the composition of our materials, ensuring top-notch quality.

At MegaMETA, we understand the importance of accurate measurements in quality assurance. To guarantee the reliability of our inspection tools, we follow strict calibration schedules in accordance with industry quality standards. Through regular calibration, we ensure that all our tools are operating at peak performance, providing precise and consistent results.

With our unwavering commitment to quality inspection and adherence to calibration standards, we confidently deliver products that meet the highest quality benchmarks in the industry.


With more then 12 years of experience that we have in metal/plastic processing industries we moved our knowledge and established company “MegaMETA”. We specialize in finding best price/quality combination for your machine parts or complete machines construction in Baltic states and rest of the Europe or overseas.